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Stocking Stitch Sweater & Hat


Knitted in the beautiful soft Lammermoor 8ply 100% Organic NZ Wool

To fit Size: NB, 3mth, 6-9mth, 12-18mth, 2-3yrs, 3-4 yrs

To fit chest: 36[41,46,51,56,61]cm

Finshed Chest: 41[46,51,56,61,66]cm

Length to back: 20[23,25,29,33,37]cm

Sleeve length: 12[14,16,18,22,25]cm

Hat Width approx.:33[35.5,39.5,42,44,46]cm

Requirements: 2[3,4,4,5,6]balls

Needle Size: One set each of 3.75 and 4mm straight needles

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Stitch holders & marker