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Wild Earth Yarns Alpine 8 Ply Possum Polwarth Wool


Woollen Spun Yarn, 80% Polwarth and 20% Possum Fur
50gm Ball / 105m approximately
The yarns are perfect for garments and accessories such as shawls, hats and mitts.
Due to the yarn being woollen spun it makes colourwork a dream!
Needle size 4mm /Tension 22sts x 30rows per 10cm

Washing instrustions: Gentle handwash in warm water only. Rinse thoroughly. Do not dryclean. Do not spin or tumble dry. Dry flat in the shade. Do not bleach. Wash garment inside out.

The possum fur used is hand plucked from possums which are trapped in the South Island of New Zealand.  Only the back fur as this is the more superior fibre.

Possum is truly one of nature’s super hero fibres, possessing exceptional insulating properties and providing superior warmth.
This insulation is attributed to the hollow structure of possum fibres, which effectively traps heat close to the body.
Despite it’s excellent warmth, possum fibre is incredibly soft
and gentle against the skin. It offers a luxurious feel akin to cashmere.
The possum fibre is sourced from the brushtail possum, an invasive species in New Zealand that poses a significant threat to native flora and fauna.
By utilising possum fibre, not only are natural resources conserved, but efforts are also made to control the possum population