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Danish Pulled Thread Sampler


30 different stitching techniques compose this wonderfull Danish Pulled thread Sampler.

Pulled therad embroidery results in a lace-like pattern. 

Unlike most other types of embroidery the stitches in this technique are not supposed to be seen, only the lacy effect; therefore the thread used should match the fabric in colour and size.

Chart Only Requirements:

32ct Linen 35cm x 35cm, Cotton a Broder #16 x 4 & #30 x 4 to match fabric colour & size 24 & 26 tapestry needles

The pictured sampler was worked on 32ct Cream linen using Coton a broder - Ecru

Kit Contents:

Stitch instructions, 32ct cream linen and DMC Coton a Broder in thread in ecru & needles