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Erika Knight British Blue 100


Erika Knight British Blue 100 - 8 ply
Material: 100% wool (Bluefaced Leicester)
Yardage: 220m/100g
Needle: 3,5-4 mm
Gauge: 22 = 10 cm

hand wash only

Supremely soft, subtly sheeny and deliciously sumptuous; the wool of the Bluefaced Leicester is Britain’s most luxurious fibre. With its fine, dense yet lightweight fleece, due to the nature of its tightly purled wool, the noble Bluefaced Leicester produces some of the finest commercial demi-lustre wool in the world. Often considered the ‘cashmere of British wools’, it is naturally our fibre of choice for creating the best of British wool yarns. Wool is naturally soft, comfortable and sustainable, making it the ultimate fibre for the hand knitter.
The raw wool of course is sourced in Great Britain. It is dyed and spun in our favourite mill in Turkey.