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Eco Vita Starter Pack


We have curated sample packs of the new DMC Eco Vita Organic Wool Threads to enable you to try these new crewel thread yarns. The piece of stabiliser included in the pack will fit a 10cm/4inch hoop -enough to try a small design on either a woolen garment or embroidery fabric 

Included in the packs:

  • Three DMC Eco Vita Organic Wool Threads 
  • Piece of woven water-soluble stabiliser (15cm x 15cm)
  • Project sheet with pattern from DMC (randomly selected)

We have 12 different sets to choose from, but you are welcome to call to pick your own 3 colours. All 60 colours from the range are available to choose from 

More about Eco Vita Organic Wool Threads

100% organic, crewel wool embroidery thread that gets its rich colour palette entirely from natural dyes.

It's even thickness and gentle twist make it perfect for hand embroidery, cross stitching, punch needle, weaving and mending. Crewel wool thread is used as a single strand, and cannot be divided. It is approximately the same thickness as three strands of Mouliné Spécial.

A love letter to nature, 100% organic, crewel wool thread which gets its rich and varied colour palette entirely from natural dyes. Using infusions of ingredients such as walnut, rhubarb, indigo and juniper. Perfect for mending, hand embroidery, cross stitch, punch needle and weaving, this durable soft thread feels lovely to work with and gives stitches a raised three-dimensional quality. 

Projects can be hand washed at 30 degrees, so it’s ideal for embellishing woollen clothes and homewares. As with all natural dyes, there may be slight colour variation. This 100% organic non–mulesed wool is the ideal choice for sustainable crafting.

Thread Facts
Woolmark Certified - Durable, colourfast, fade and sweat resistant
100% Organic non-mulesed wool
100% natural dyes
Sold in 16m/17.5yd Skeins
Handwash at 30 degrees