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Lottie Sweater & Hat


Knitting Pattern

A lace and cable sweater and cable hat

Recomended Yarn - 8Ply


Ages 0-3[3-6:6-9:9-12:12:12-18] Months

To fit size: 40[43:46:48:51]cm

Garment size: 45[50:53:56:59]cm

Finished length: 21[24:27:30:33]cm

Sleeve length: 13[16:19:21:23]


Ages 0-3[3-6:6-9:9-18] Months

To fit size: 35[40:45:48]cm

Yarn required: 3[3:4:4:5] 50gm balls

Needle size: one pair each of 3.25mm and 4mm needles and one set each size 3.25mm and 4mm double pointed needles

Other requirements: cable needle, stitch holders, stitch markers, 3 small buttons and pom pom (optional)

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