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Reticella Tablemat



The Reticella provides just the touch of whimsy to the orderliness of the classic Punto Antico surround. This technique binds the fabric threads to form the mesh on which the lace is worked, giving the project the inherent strength of the linen background, whilst maintaining an airy feel to the lace against the boldness of the Punto Antico border.
The entire mat is edged with a traditional folded hem and a drawn thread border heavily embellished with Bullion knot stars.   

Punto Antico / Reticella was traditionally worked in monochromatic tones, but the subtle shades of modern coloured linens work wonderfully with the lustre of the Pearl thread and the texture of the Reticella lace to give this project a classically elegant feel.

Comprehensive stitch diagrams and construction instructions are included.

12 pages, A5 booklet, photographs and pattern chart